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Cleaning Problems and How We Avoid Them

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Cleaning Problems and How We Avoid Them


All fabric houses say that a 3-4% shrinkage is legally acceptable.

All natural fibres will shrink if washed, even if pre-shrunk. The fibre swells and effectively shrinks the fabric. To cause the least shrinkage one should was with minimal agitation, in lukewarm water. This is because the source of shrinkage is agitation, heat and moisture and the more of any of them the greater the shrinkage.

Synthetic fibres will also shrink to a lesser degree, depending on their moisture absorbency. For example Polypropylene has zero moisture absorbency and therefore does not shrink.


Shrinkage during Dry Cleaning

As with washing, shrinkage is caused by heat and mechanical action, with moisture present. If the dry cleaning process has any of these elements present there will be a risk of shrinkage. The larger the machine the less the agitation there is.

The Immaculate method carries out all of the following procedures

  • We measure all items
  • We pre inspect and test
  • We select an appropriate cleaning method  for the most sensitive fabric involved
  • We never tumble dry
  • We hang dry
  • We press on large tables
  • We spot clean were possible and re-clean were necessary.
  • We package in long plastic tubes, to minimise creasing.
  • We put back hooks (if re hanging is requested.)
  • We steam after hanging on site if need be.

Your Curtains’ safety is our priority at every stage of the cleaning process... 


Pre –Inspection

We carry out a thorough pre inspection of every curtain , blind or drape before it is cleaned, because we understand that they are an aesthetic focal point in your home or work environment .Pre inspection is very important as it brings to our attention anything which feel needs to be mentioned to you prior to cleaning . It also allows us to adapt our cleaning process depending on what has been discovered. We are also then able to warn you of the possible risks at hand .Below are a few of the more common existing conditions found in curtains, blinds or drapes which we document in our pre-inspection reports.


The dimensions of your curtains can change

The first thing we do on curtains arriving at the factory is to measure them. These measurements are then noted on the quotation attached to the invoice and each curtain is labelled with the invoice number and dimensions. We also take note of if the lining is longer than the face fabric of the curtain. This is to ensure we have an accurate record of the length.

Many curtains move after dry cleaning as all moisture has been removed. This is called movement and not shrinkage as it is temporary and with steam or hanging they will drop again. Likewise certain curtains move while hanging during the year depending on the season and the humidity in the air., for example mohair curtains.


Hanging & Drying

Once the curtains have had the excess solvent spun out of them, they are hung to dry.

The longer they can hang the better...


The longer the curtains can hang the better for airing and the evaporation of the solvent. The colder the weather conditions the longer it takes for the solvent smell to be gone. Our turnaround time is 5 working days from take down to re-hang.


Press Finishing & Grooming

Attention to detail makes all the difference....


Post spotting

Once cleaned, the curtains are examined for any stains or marks we feel can be removed with additional spotting. If we feel the curtains should be re-cleaned, this will be done at no additional charge, however we might call to say there is a delay due to this decision.


Press Finishing

Once the curtains have been cleaned and dried they are pressed on a large pressing table with steam irons. The measurements are checked for any movement and they are set to cool, before being re-hooked( part of the re hang service) or the hooks are put in a bag for you to put back and the curtains packaged for collection or delivery.  Your curtains are now ready for collection.


Our Take down and Re-Hang Service

The easiest part of having your curtains cleaned is the taking down of them .The problems arises when you come to re- hang them.

We ensure that each curtain is marked with its corresponding rail, so each curtain can and is hung back where it came from. The reason for this is that very often curtains are made different lengths to accommodate the levels of floors and ceilings that slop.

When the curtains arrive at the factory , the hooks are taken out and a mark is made for the position of each hook ,so they can be replaced correctly

When the curtains are re-hung they can be steamed if they have moved or got creased in transportation which is inevitable.