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Your Curtain Blind and Drapes Care Tips

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Your Curtain, Blind and Drapes Care Tips

Vacuum Regularly

Curtains, Binds and Drapes must be vacuumed regularly (at least monthly) to remove dust, dry soil and any insects or animals that might have set up home in your window dressing. Use the upholstery hand tool .This will not only keep your window dressing looking clean and fresh for longer, it will also increase the life span of this costly investment.



Rotate the curtains were possible periodically so that fading does not turn into perishing along the lead edge of the curtain. Eventually all curtains, blinds and drapes will perish and rot but rotation were possible will make this more even and increase their life span.


Quality Window UV treatment

Treating windows with a UV protection shield will not only protect your curtains from the ravages of the harsh UV light that we experience in South Africa but it will also go a long way in protecting your other furnishings.

Stain Protect Your Curtains, Blinds and Drapes

Your window dressings will have extra protection from stains and soil if it is treated with the fabric protector Immacguard. This does not alter the colour or feel of the fabric in any way but serves to seal the fibres so that spillages are not so easily absorbed into the fibre.


Spills & Accidents

If you spill anything onto your window dressing the first step is to absorb as much as you can with a plain white towel. Just blot. DO NOT RUB as this may damage the delicate or silk fibres permanently. At this point call us for further advice. Do not be tempted to use over the counter spotting chemicals. These are often aggressive oxidizers which can permanently discolour the dyes in the. fabric